Who can submit a review?

To submit a review of a product, you must have created an account on the site and be connected to your account. All the reviews you submit will be accessible from a dedicated page in your account. Our privacy policy also applies to reviews.

No compensation is offered in exchange for the publication of a review.

Only the author's first name and last name initial are published with each review.

How long does it take to publish a review?

We make every effort to check and validate reviews as quickly as possible, generally within three days.

What are the rules of moderation for reviews?

Reviews are moderated before publication.

The title and the text of the reviews can be corrected on the form (style and spelling), never on the content. They cannot contain the address of a site (URL), this restriction being imposed by Google (any address will thus be removed before publication of the review).

Reviews that are clearly outrageous, off-topic or published with malicious intent may be refused and not published.

Le Pech d'André reserves the right to publish a reply under each review.

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