Sheeps in Le Pech d'André's vines

A family tradition

Marc and Germaine Remaury started to run the Domain in 1966 (read the history of Le Pech d'André), during the so-called "green revolution". Out of conviction, even before the word "organic" became popular, they refused this chemical approach that seemed artificial and uprooted, definitely not in line with the tradition of listening and respect for life that had always prevailed on these lands.

They refused chemical weed killers and kept a traditional "gobelet" shape with enough spacing for the tractor to go through in both ways (read about the viticulture at Le Pech d'André).Biodiversity has been preserved by protecting and developing areas of wood, hedges and scrub around the estate vineyards.

In the cellar, traditional methods have also been preserved until today, refusing technological approaches of oenology to remain true to the terroir.

A certified approach

Organic Agriculture To get recognition for the way we have always worked at Le Pech d'André, in 2010 we undertook the certification of our products under the "organic farming" label ("AB" in French), starting with white wines and continuing with red wines and the other products of our small farm.

Certification is obtained after an observation period of 3 years, the so-called "conversion". In our case, this is not really a conversion: our practices remain the same but are simply now monitored and audited by a third party, the certification body.

Today, all our products have been certified as "organic".

Natural wines

"Natural wines" are organic wines made only with indigenous yeasts (naturally present on the grapes), and without added sulfite.

Among our wines, Cariño, LazuliIndigèneCâline 2022Caracole Clairet, L'Or des Draines, and Gràcies are made this way. For the other vintages, sometimes we add some yeast to better control the fermentation (only non-aromatic organic yeasts), and doses of added SO2 are minimal, well below the maximum levels authorized by organic agriculture rules.

Natural winemaking method

Since 2019 we are a member of the new Natural Wines Defense Association which has already certified six of our wines: Cariño, LazuliIndigèneCâline 2022Caracole Clairet, and Barrut 2022 , which you can find in our natural wines and rare varieties section.

Direct access to natural wines and wines without sulfites cited in this page:

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