Vine pruning in winter

A natural approach of the vine and of the soil

Grassed vines and rouquette

Grass is growing in all our vines during winter. Vines are pruned in « gobelets ». The traditional planting density (2m x 1.50m) and the absence of tying allow the tractor to go through in both ways, with a small caterpillar tractor (Saint Chamond) which compacts less the soil and allows to weed mechanically around the vines at spring.

Saint Chamond tractor in vines

So, then as now, we have never used weed killer or chemical fertilizers. Depending on the case, we use organic amendments, macerations of plants (such as the decoction of horsetail) or lacto-fermented preparations to activate the microbial life of the soil, as well as to promote rooting and resistance to drought of the vine, and to provide the necessary minerals to plants.

We do not irrigate vines and encourage the roots to draw water and minerals deep in this land that has been entrusted to us.

Regarding treatments, sulfur combined with essential oil of orange and clay helps us fight powdery mildew, the main enemy of the vine in our area. Through short pruning and careful disbudding, grapes mature in perfect health.

The cultural balance follows the Cousinié method to strengthen the natural defense capabilities of vines because in general, disease is a sign of imbalance. This is why we try to prevent this imbalance, rather than deal with the consequences.

An artisanal viticulture

Vine pruning at Le Pech d'André

In respect of our predecessors, with a constant concern of sweetness and human as well as environmental balance, we accompany the fruits of the earth from the vine to your glass.

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