What is a reusable wine bottle?

National logo of reuse

This is a bottle that you can return to your retailer instead of throwing it in the glass garbage can. It will be checked, washed and reused without the need for re-melting, saving a lot of energy, greenhouse gases and raw materials.

All reusable bottles are marked with the national reuse logo on the bottle or its label.

Where can I buy my wine in reusable bottles?

You can buy your wine in reusable bottles in the points of sale of the reuse networks (see below our partner networks), but also directly on our website! The concerned vintages are indicated at the bottom of this page.

Where and how to return my wine bottle for reuse?

You can bring it back to the Pech d'André in Azillanet (34), or to one of the collection points of the France Consigne national network or of our regional partner networks:

This list is regularly updated according to the agreements we make with the different reuse networks.

How do I return my bottle?

All you have to do is rinse it, leave the label on so that the reuse logo remains visible, and take it to the collection point of your choice. Please also remove any caps.

Can I put my reusable bottle in the glass garbage can?

It's a shame, but yes, a reusable bottle can also be recycled in the traditional way, and therefore thrown in a glass garbage can... but it breaks our hearts as much as the bottle!

Will a deposit be refunded?

Most of the time not, but in some local reuse networks yes. There is not yet a common rule defined for all the reuse networks. And yet it works, the consumers are always more numerous to commit themselves by carrying out this citizen gesture!

50 centimes de consigne

At the Pech d'André, until 31 december 2024 we refund a deposit of 0,50€ for any bottle of our vintages in reusable bottles (see list below, except grape juices) returned at the domain in Azillanet (the label must still be present so that we can properly identify our bottle, offer reserved for individuals, to be deducted from a new purchase made when you bring back the bottles).

What makes a reusable bottle different from a conventional bottle?

Here are the main characteristics of a reusable bottle:

  • The bottle is stronger (so it's a little heavier) so it doesn't get damaged or broken during multiple passes through the washing lines.
  • Most of the time there is no cap on the top of the bottle (they are difficult to remove and are made of environmentally unfriendly materials).
  • Water-soluble papers and glues are used for the labels so that they can be easily removed during washing. 

Discover our organic products in reusable bottles:

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