BIJOU, Grandma's Mule

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BIJOU the mule working in the vine

It is urgent that I introduce you to BIJOU, the Mule of Mémé (my paternal great grandmother, Jeanne Simon-Gervies) who works the young plot of "La Croix", to the left of the alley of Olive trees that descends from the Pech.

The photo is before 1955 because on May 9th of that year, BIJOU, the 1.66 meter high gelding Mullet was replaced by the horse "MIGNON", 4 years and a half, 1.70 meter, whole, light gray with a lighter shade of pommelé. Goodbye Bijou, hello Mignon!

The grape variety of this plot is Aramon, and you can still drink the wine we make from this vine planted by Mémé: the Caracole d'Aramon (accessible directly at the bottom of this article).

Insurance contract for BIJOU

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